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From the hobby to be the serious business

Baking was become my favorite hobby since I was a little girls. I never thought that it would become a big source of my pay-check! Just the end of last year, I was thinking about expand my baking business by selling them at the market near several office buildings. We start to sell one day a week, and now five days a week by rotating to difference places.. our business is so far so good....

We're now thinking to have our own brand and package. It would be nicer if we saw the costumer hold the plastic bag which our brand on it! So please help us out to name our product and service....... we're waiting for yours fabulous Idea....

"Most of our products are chilled pastry like chesse pies, mousse cake and other cakes cover by fresh cream."

I'm thinking about "Cake on da move". How about yours?

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